Learning for all Learners

To provide a balanced curriculum in a nurturing and challenging environment so that every student achieves academically, socially and culturally, and is well equipped to enter a changing world. 
Ki te Matua whakaroto i tetehi matauranga tautikanga i roto i tetehi taiaao atawhainga me te matakingakia taea ai e ia akinga te eke ki nga taumata o te matauranga, o te whakaupanga papori, i te tikanga ahurea hoki, a, e tino whakarawe ana ki te uru mai ki te ao pononui nei.

Our aim at Ngaruawahia High School is to develop appropriate, inclusive learning support programmes, in modern learning and teaching environments, for our students who are identi?ed with speci?c learning needs. These speci?c programmes will endeavour to meet the needs prioritised, at any given time, by the needs of current students and the resources we are able to provide. This may involve inclass additional support, individual or small group support, withdrawal for learning experiences or special opportunities off-site. The goal is to have all learners as members of our inclusive school environment. Families and caregivers have a very important inclusive role in the support of their youngsters.

The resources may involve class teachers, teacher-aides, specialist teachers or providers beyond the immediate school environment. Specialist resource people can also be involved in assisting with assessment and monitoring where appropriate, as well as with programming and provision of important resources to improve the students’ learning and achievement. Our plans will endeavour to support a wide range of learning needs as they arise. Some of the speci?c learning opportunities we wish to address on a needs basis include:

• Extension and remedial support for literacy and numeracy.
• Extension and remedial support for other curriculum areas.
• Specific opportunities to foster the development of gifts and talents.
• Supporting high needs such as hearing loss, dyslexia, autism as they arise.
• Specific language needs for speakers of other languages.

Our goal is to encourage, facilitate, support, engage and challenge our learners to achieve their best, both academically and personally.