Year 10 Speech Competition

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who qualified for the speech competition (pictured). Read on to find out the winners.

In English this term we have been focusing on topics around social justice and how we can help change the world. Congratulations to all our Year 10 speech finalists. Yasmin Whyte had a good argument about how Climate change is caused by the environment not by humans. Turanga  Richmond-Paul had a polished performance on why he thought medicinal and recreational Marijuana should be legalised. Mackenzie Butler was passionate about  Child rights, Reese Daniel- Hoani had an informative speech about Mental Health and the practical things we can do to help our whaanau and friends. Jodie Ranui gave an engaging speech on Child poverty and what we can do to help children who are suffering. Myah Gallichan shared a great story about a local woman who looked after a family for a term in their home and how all of us can do kind acts of service for others. Our last speaker was April Osborne who spoke about relationships and how high school sweethearts is just a myth or is it?  We would like to thank our judges, Mr Jarnet our principal, Adele Hauwai  a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Autumn McCormick one of our Deputy Head Students for their advice and feedback to our students. It was hard for them to decide the winners! And thank you to Whaea Claire for being our time and score keeper. 

1st place and Winner of the Year 10 Jim Litchwark Memorial trophy was Jodie Ranui

2nd place- Reese Daniel-Hoani 

3rd place- Myah Gallichan