Welcome To Ashna Raju Our New Art Teacher

Bula Vinaka, I am Ashna Raju, a new member of Ngaruawahia High School, appointed as the Art teacher. I was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Fiji. At the age of 14 my family and I migrated to New Zealand for a better future. During my enrolment at a high school, my mother was asked to help pick my subjects that would suit me, and she chose art. In the 4 years I took art I realized I wanted to be creative, I wanted to be inspiring like my art teacher, I wanted to be a teacher. During my placement I went back to my old high school, back to my old art teacher to learn more from her. This is when she told me that I had made a promise to her that I too one day will be like her. In my 5 years of teaching and 27 years of learning, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in most subjects, as I helped out with relief and taught hard materials in the last 2 schools I was at. I hope to be an inspiration for the students of Ngaruwahia High School and to inspire them to be creative.

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