Vivian Brusila - Exchange Student

Hey, my name is Vivian Brusila. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Helsinki, Finland. I was on exchange in Australia for 5 months before I came here. Now I have already spent half of 5 months that I’m going to be here in New Zealand and sadly I’m going to leave at the end of April. I came on exchange because I wanted to experience different cultures and gain new experiences. So far I have loved being here and getting to experience this chilled out culture, also everyone has been so welcoming. It has also been interesting to learn about the Maori culture and how it’s different to mine. Back home at school, I focus mainly to academic subjects like physics, maths, chemistry and biology so it has been nice to try new subjects like sports studies and Te Reo here. I have also enjoyed New Zealand’s warm weather which is a really nice change to the Australian heat and Finnish coldness. I enjoy doing all different kinds of sports and some of my favorites at the moment are snowboarding and running (track).