-- Alyssa Phillips>

The Pinnacles - Year 11 Camp

Yr 11 camp was interesting. We all had to work together for different activities whether it was getting up there, getting down again or in our house groups up at the Summit. I’m not gonna lie, getting up there was a workout. I don't remember how many times my group contemplated either sleeping on the side of the walkway or going back down but we all made it in the end. It was quite steep and slippery with the wet clay but the overall experience was amazing and I’ll never forget it. The walk all together took a long 6 hours up and down and it was sweltering hot which didn’t help. For breakfast the next morning, we were supposed to be having pancakes, except they forgot the pancake mix and only brang the syrup so we had to have last night's leftovers.
-- Alyssa Phillips

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