Swimming Sports and Houses 2020

Introducing houses is a great way to get students involved and have fun as well as bring in competition. Swimming Sports really brought people together this year. There were a lot of friendships formed and teachers got to connect with the students too. We encouraged all students who felt comfortable in the water to give the races a go. It was impressive to see students out of the classroom and competing with all sorts of strategies. Congratulations to everyone who made it in the final. --Aomi Irani

House Points after Athletics day and Swimming sports - the house / whaanau group points were tallied as follows.
-1 point was given for each person who participated in each event.
-3 points for 1st place in an individual event, 2 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place.
-For house relays and events, 10 points for 1st place, 8 for 2nd place, 6 for 3rd place and 4 for 4th place.
-A bonus 20 points were given for the best dressed house at each event.
On athletics day the rankings and points were:
-Haunui (Orange): 4th place on 333 points
-Te Matau a Maui (Purple): 3rd place on 350 points
-Marumaruatua (Green): 2nd place on 383 points
-Hinemoana (White): 1st place on 427 points
For swimming sports the rankings and points were:
-Marumaruatua (Green): 4th place on 162 points
-Te Matau a Maui (Purple): 3rd place on 164 points
-Hinemoana (White): 2nd place on 215 points
-Haunui (Orange): 1st place on 301 points
So for each day's event, 100 points were awarded for 1st place, 80 for 2nd place, 60 for 3rd place and 40 for 4th place. 
This leaves our current totals at:
Tied for 3rd at 120 points: Te Matau a Maui and Marumaruatua
2nd Haunui at 140 points
1st Hinemoana at 180 points
Congratulations to all who participated and made these events so much fun as we kicked off our House competition!

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