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Kia ora my name is Tiare and I am a House Leader for Haunui (Orange). Being a house leader has helped me to be more confident in my own judgment and decisions but it has also helped me help others to be confident in themselves. Having this responsibility allowed me to become a good role model and representative for fellow students. My goal as a leader is to make learning fun for students who had a hard time staying at school. My advice to the students is “Do the mahi, get the treats”. My experience here as a student and leader has been wonderful, I have loads of really good friends and the teachers here are helpful.

Hi, Im Aomi :) My goals for our kura is to inspire everyone to do their best. I want to make sure that all students at our school are in a safe and positive environment. I am the head girl and I am a part of the mentoring team. I am a good listener so feel free to approach me at any time. I love to be involved with school activities like yearbook, chess, writing and leadership. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Kia ora my name is Layton Meston and I’m the year 12 house leader for Haunui. This will be a good opportunity for me here at NHS and to step up and be a leader, a role model and a person who you can talk to and by making this school proud of my actions and what I have done to help. I love learning new things each day, playing sports and getting things done that need doing. A good experience for me being at NHS is going to courses that the school has funded and put together to help me get a job for the future. My advice to the students is that you can make anything happen by going to school, learning new things each day, and having respect for each other. A favorite quote that motivates me and is that Leaders concentrate single-mindedly on one thing, the most important thing, and they stay on it until it’s complete.

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