Notice to Whaanau from Mr Jarnet

Teena koe,
I have recently addressed the school around a number of concerns which are having an impact on learning. Some students have been arriving late or leaving class early without permission. Students are arriving late to school without notes explaining why they are late. We have also had students leaving school during break times and not returning for period five.
A small number of students have been disrespectful toward staff and other students. As I indicated in the enrolment interview, the above behaviours are unacceptable at this Kura. Since my hui with all students, these behaviours have reduced but my major concern is the impact that this is having on students' learning and our positive school culture.
Unfortunately, students are not complying with our rules around cell phones therefore cell phones are now banned in class.
Please speak to your tamariki if they have been displaying the above behaviours and remind them that attending school every day and being school ready is a priority. Staff will be contacting the home of those students who are not being compliant.
Thank you for your support concerning these matters.
Ngaa mihi
Chris Jarnet

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