New Exchange Students Fiona and Matilde

My name is Fiona McCarl, I'm 15 from Adelaide and I'm in Ngaruawahia for a three month exchange. My school in Adelaide is vastly different from Ngaruawahia High as it is very strict with much more work. I wanted to come to New Zealand so I could become a part of a different community and culture and so far I have been loving my time in New Zealand as the people are so chilled out and friendly, in Australia no one ever talks to strangers but here everyone is much more welcoming! At home I spend a lot of time at the beach and swimming, I also read a lot and do hiking through my school.
My name is Matilde Brandimarti, I am an Italian Exchange Student. I am from Bologna, which is a city in the North of Italy. I attend a scientific high school which is focused on Maths, Science and English. I am very passionate about music. I play the viola and I sing in the Opera Theatre children choir. I have been playing the viola for seven years now. I also love reading and photography. My favorite book is "City of joy" by Dominique Lapierre. I love travelling and I want to study astronomy at university to become an astronomer and possibly work abroad.
In the photo, Fiona is on the left and Matilde is on the right.

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