Harry Potter Week

Harry Potter’s birthday week was a fun event that I am happy I took part in. I was able to build a connection with the junior students, I gained more experience and I got the chance to relive my childhood books/movies. I especially loved working with different people and getting out of my comfort zone. This is something that I would love to do again. -Aomi Irani
Tuesday 30th July:
We celebrated Harry Potter’s Birthday this year as a three-day event. We have many Potter fans who were keen to dress up and share their passion of the Harry Potter series with the Junior students at school. We transformed my room into Hogwarts. There were lights, music, the doorway of Platform 9 ¾ to Hogwarts, Sorting Hat to sort students into Houses (Aomi) and a Wand ceremony where there were all kinds of spells and duels happening. A big thank you to the creative work of Kawiti who made the Sorting Hat and the wands. If you are after props for any Harry Potter event or birthday’s he is the man! He can custom make anything you need.
Wednesday 31st July:
This was a chance for teachers to be creative and do something related to Harry Potter, the Science department took up the challenge by transforming their room into a Potions class, where they did all kinds of magic and transformations.
Thursday 1st August:
A favourite event in the Harry Potter series is the Tri-Wizard Tournament. We did it NHS style, with a Scavenger hunt. Students competed in their houses and did a Book challenge with Melissa, Charades with Autumn, and a Word Activity where you make as many words as you can make from “ DRACO DORMIENS NUNQUAM TITILLANDUS” the motto at Hogwarts. I think the total was over 80+. Who’s who in Harry Potter with Tammy, and of course a Dance-off with Kaylee and Brayden. The points were close, but Slytherin won in the end, Gryffindor second, Hufflepuff third and Ravenclaw fourth. It was a fun day and I want to thank all the Senior students who helped with making it such a success, and for the Juniors running so fast to each task and having fun. We hope to make this an annual event.
-Whaea Eliza

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