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Funny Stories Competition Winner

During lockdown we held a funny story competition between the houses. Here are the winners' stories.

My funny story happened on an end of term trip with my hub and we decided to see a movie for the trip. But some of us went our own way and before the movie we started to go roaming and look at some shops. I was with about 6 people and we were going into several shops, candy shops, 2 dollar shops. Then we went into a clothing shop which was for girls and what do girls shops have in them...bras . A boy from our group decided it would be funny to try on a hot pink sports bra in the middle of the shop. He got it on and he did a few twirls and a bit of a catwalk and then as we were leaving the shop it got stuck and he was struggling to get it off as of course bras are for GIRLS!. So we had to pull it off the top of his head and we had to be discreet because you know this was a boy trying on a hot pink bra of course. We finally got it off and left the store like nothing happened even though that group of people will never forget the day this boy put on a hot pink bra and it got stuck. But on the brightside we didn't miss the movie!!!

-Myah Gallichan from Te Matau a Maui (student winner)

I was in class teaching a group of Year 11 students, I went to turn and I heard this big rip sound, I felt the back of my dress and it had ripped up to my back. At first the students didn’t notice, thank goodness I had a black slip on. The rip was so big you would have seen everything and that would not have been a good sight, especially to the students, that might have scarred them for life! I had some pegs and tried to fix it up, it looked ridiculous, they were laughing and so was I. 

-Whaea Eliza from Te Matau a Maui (teacher winner)

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