Dance Crew

Starting May 1st 2019 three students, Brooklynn Mauroa-Semenoff, Brayden Walker-Logan and Kaylee Wilson, had the opportunity to attend The Palace Dance Academy every Wednesday throughout a 10 week time period, along with many other schools in the Waikato. Tutors from The Royal Family Dance Crew traveled to Hamilton from Auckland every week to teach us. On this course we were taught a lot more than just new dance moves, but also the kinds of nutrients we as dancers or young people need in our diets in order to keep fit and healthy.
The Palace Dance Academy was an opportunity I’m glad I took. I enjoyed everything about this course, from the work put into it, to the people I shared this experience with. There were great fun vibes in every class and everyone was able to open up and become more confident as the weeks progressed. If you get the opportunity to take part in this course take it because you will not be disappointed. - Kaylee
My experience with the Palace Dance Academy was an experience to remember. I enjoyed every single moment and the people that I did it with were just amazing. I would recommend it to anyone that would like to learn and grow in confidence, not only in dance but also their own self. - Brayden

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