Athletics, Sports and Waka Results

Athletics day this year included all students participating to earn points for their waka.

It was a lot of fun to have so many students involved and wearing their waka colours, even if many were doing it for fun and not competitively. But that’s not to say we didn’t have some great competition happening on the day! The events included track, shotput, long jump, high jump, discus and javelin.

Our swimming sports were cancelled this term due to the sudden change to Covid Level 2, so Matua Maurice quickly organised a school sports day instead. Waka groups competed against each other in volleyball, futsal, touch and basketball. The house results for the events are:


4th Place - Marumaruatua with 293 (40 points)

3rd Place - Hinemoana with 342 (60 points)

2nd Place - Haunui with 356 (80 points)

1st Place - Te Matau a Maui with 413 (100 pts)

Sports Day

4th Place - Hinemoana - 21 games won (40 points)

3rd Place - Marumaruatua - 22.5 games  (60 points)

2nd Place - Haunui - 24 games (80 points)

1st Place - Te Matau a Maui - 24.5 games (100 points)

Total Waka Points So Far

4th Equal - Hinemoana (100 points)

                - Marumaruatua (100 points)

2nd Place - Haunui (160 points)

1st Place - Te Matau a Maui (200 points)

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