NHS Basketball Teams 2023

The Junior Boys had a great basketball season this year...

Junior Boys: They had a great basketball season this year. It was their first time in the Waikato Basketball competition and they played well, drawing for second place in their grade. We would like to thank Tuku Huirama, their coach, and Rowena Loughnan for all their hard work, practises and commitment to helping the boys out. 

Senior Boys: They continued to work well as a team and played hard in the Waikato basketball competition. They looked good in their new uniforms (thanks Matua Maurice!). We would like to thank Tuku Huirama their coach for all the training and Mike and Cherri Vale for driving the van and washing the uniforms. Basketball is growing here and we're looking forward to 2024.

Senior Girls: This was NHS's first girls team for a long time. They played so well that they got second in their grade. It was a great final and they had lots of supporters coming along to support them. We would like to thank Hunter Higgins and Opal Higgins as coach and manager for the girls. We hope to have another girls team next year. 

 We need more coaches at NHS. If you are keen please contact me. --Whaea Eliza

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