Scholarships and Awards 2022 (so far)

Several prestigious prizes have already been awarded to our senior students this year. Congratulations to them and their supporters for their great achievements...

- Aryan Anderson-Wright - National Career Navigator student of the year finalist, 2022.

- Maia Wilson - Recipient of the Graeme Dingle NHS Career Navigator student of the year.

- Naomi Blackett - Recipient of the Lions Kevin Cryer scholarship 2023.

- Myah Gallichan - Recipient of the Ko Te Tangata school leaver's scholarship Waikato University.

    - Recipient of the Blake Inspire Award.

- Alisha Brown-Parish - Recipient of the Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Award 2022.

      - Recipient of the prestigious Keystone Trust Scholarship for Architecture for the next 3 years ($15,000 over 3 years plus mentoring and guidance throughout her degree whilst she is studying Architecture).