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Cross Country Waka Challenge 2022

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our inter-waka cross country challenge on 2 September 2022, which also included a relay race and plank challenge. Students had a great time dressing up and cheering each other on. Points were awarded for participation, placings and best dressed waka. Click to see the individual results, photos and videos!

Click for a breakdown of the points. Click to see the full album of photos and videos.

Cross Country Placings


1.Jenson - Marumaru Atua

2.Cruso - Haunui

3.Vincent - Hinemoana 


1.Jodie/Moana tie - (Hinemoana  and Te Matau a Maui)

2. Kiri - Haunui

3. Riley - Te Matau a Maui 


1. Jay - Hinemoana 

2. Josh - Haunui

3. Harold - Hinemoana 

Plank Placings

Boys Video

1. Cruso - Haunui

2. Levi - Marumaru Atua 

3. Zac - Te Matau a Maui 

Girls Video

1. Creation - Marumaru Atua 

2. Menisha - Marumaru Atua 

3. Anoushka -Te Matau a Maui 

Mixed Relay Race Placings and Video

1. Te Matau a Maui 

2. Haunui

3. Marumaru Atua

4. Hinemoana

Best Dressed Waka

Te Matau a Maui

Overall Waka Placings for the Year (as at 19/9/2022)

4th place - Hinemoana (275 points)

3rd place - Marumaru Atua (295 points)

2nd place - Te Matau a Maui (415 points)

1st place - Haunui (420 points) 

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