Junior Curriculum

Staff at Ngaruawahia High School are committed to providing learning programs to best meet the needs of our aakonga.
We know that quality learning occurs when it is:

The way we learn is unique and based upon our prior knowledge and experiences. Each person learns new skills and knowledge in different ways.
Socially Constructed
A deeper understanding of the material being covered or the solution found to a problem results when students work collaboratively and with reciprocal teaching.

Because each student comes into learning with a different set of prior skills and knowledge, they require different levels of content, context, challenge and pace.
Student Initiated
When a learning experience is sparked by a student, they learn more.

If a student is able to connect their learning in an authentic manner to the real world, deeper learning occurs.

Students who need additional support or extension in their learning are given this through our learning support team. This could involve learning new strategies, working with a teacher aide, having resource teacher for learning and behaviour support, and through many other avenues. 

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