Junior Curriculum

At Ngaruawahia High School we offer junior students a unique and challenging programme designed to equip them for today’s rapidly changing society. The junior programme provides opportunities that enhance learning, acknowledge individual needs and differences and challenge individuals to succeed.
Mastery:  The pedagogical philosophy of this learning block is based on the concepts derived from Robert Greene’s book titled Mastery.  It is widely recognised that in order for anyone to master a skill they must spend 10 000 hours practicing the correct technique.  The classes are small with a high teacher ratio so that the engaged learning time is increased.  The expectation is that during this time there is high repetition and practice of the subject skills defined by the curriculum and the progress level of the student.  The general feedback from parents, teachers, and students is that more learning is occurring than in the traditional one hour long learning blocks.
Social Inquiry: This subject is project-based. Projects are large, and every student contributes. We use a team-teaching approach and utilise workshops and breakout times. We are in the process of going online and as a result students are starting to manage their programmes and learning. This is supporting our ability to differentiate for the wide range of abilities that exist in a large group. Social Inquiry continues to be a time that we bring the whole junior school together working towards a common goal. This year we have four kaupapa:
  • Ngaruawahia: Proud To Be Our Town
  • Social Responsibility: Reshaping Culture Together
  • Te Tiriti O Waitangi: Becoming Messengers of The Story
  • Ngaruawahia: Businesses for now
All of these kaupapa require us to be able to be mobile and flexible for students to engage in inquiry learning.

Design Thinking: is a design thinking framework that encourages students to follow a process to produce creative and innovative solutions. Products and services that enhance human experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore this concept in a variety of contexts including visual arts, visual communication, hard and soft materials, music, performing arts and cognitive thinking. The Ideo Framework:
  • Discovery
  • Interpretation
  • Ideation
  • Experimentation
  • Evolution
Hauora:  The PE department have created a rotation that students follow that is driven by the skills required for the Senior PE Programme.  The context is fluid but the rotations remain the same.  These are as follow:
  • Reflective Practices which include journal writing, evaluating as well as analysing and synthesising skills.
  • Health which includes Sexuality education, social responsibility through building safe relationships with others.
  • Exercise Science and Programming which includes learning about Anatomy, Biomechanics and Exercise physiology.
  • Motor skill development which includes performing high levels of skill in a physical activity. 

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